Mumbai University should promote all students

Mumbai University should promote all students

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Due to Coronavirus outbreak government of india has declared lockdown till 30th April. Maharashtra alone has witnessed on of the higest cases of coronavirus. After 30th April even if the number of corona patients stabilize and seems that corona has gone from our country, we need few more days for confirmation. It is risky to move out at a sudden positive notice of the ward off disease or virus.
Students fear that MU will announce and take their exams right after the lockdown as their previous suggested dates from the month of may which is totally a valid concern. Because no one sees the virus to be fully vanished by the month of may or even june.
Many students use only library books that college provides to study. Not all of us have the money to buy reference books and guides. And also not all of us like reading from ebooks and pdfs. Colleges are shut down and we don't have any books with us to prepare during lockdown. And it will be too late to study anything if MU starts taking exam right after the lockdown in the coming months of may and june. 
It is a very crucial time for our country and we all need to stay indoors. No parent will send their kid to give exams during coronavirus outbreak. This is the time students must get promoted to next semesters and cancel the submissions because it is of no use to make people work from home so uncomfortably and forcefully when there's still a long time for coronavirus to go away.
Life of a student matters too. 

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