5+ Best ideas on how to earn online or make money || Easy steps for begineer || Easy step to earn independently

5+ Best ideas on how to earn online or make money || Easy steps for begineer || Easy step to earn independently

10 Best ideas on how to earn online or make money. Easy steps for begineer

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So here's the answer

It’s a sad truth that the widespread effects of Covid-19 has hit people across the world quite hard. 

While the fear surrounding the contraction of this deadly virus affects our lives quite gravely, the worldwide lockdown and economic downturns have surely made lives more difficult. 

However, there are quite a few ways to put your efforts into fruitful practice and generate income even during these tough times. 

Sitting idle in the lockdown of COVID-19? Here are some jobs which you can consider to make this idle time financially worthwhile.

1.Start your own blog 

Starting your own blog can be an effective way of establishing your authority in the desired professional arena. You can curate engaging topics and put up posts at regular intervals. You can start learning how to start a blog and make money online. 

The type of content changes; it may be a blog on lifestyle issues, health topics, or even quick hacks on earning money.


It is one other viable option. Although you do not need huge money to start it, resourcefulness is needed. If you do not have arrangements to produce a product, you can always buy and re-sell it. Or, you can make a portal for the different shops to sell their product through you. 

You can charge a percentage for every sale happening. There are various platform from which you can resell their products and earn commision.

3.Social media manager 

This is a great profession if you know your way around social media. As an SMM, you will have to learn and utilize the analytical side of things; along with creating reports, organizing ad promotions, and devising ways to engage with the client’s audience.

4.Search engine optimization 

This is one of the coveted jobs in digital marketing. You will need to learn using analytics and marketing tools for this. In your job, you will have to research popular keywords, decrease image sizes, and recommend in vogue topics for content creation. 

Payment usually runs parallel with the client business improvement. Currrently craze for this increased a lot.

5.Google Ads Management 

Being a Google Ads manager can be a great job If you have experience in internet marketing and can handle the Google Suite to design and run ad promotions and evaluate results. 

Campaigns that improve the clients’ business will bring you more trade. 

6.Video Editing 

Video is becoming an important tool for digital marketing. Now, as there is no restriction across platforms, video-editing can be a necessary and earning skill.

With advertisements, Facebook promotions, and YouTube videos; the chance of work and payment for a video editor is massive.

7.Podcast Editing 

Less number of audio editors and a huge number of podcast creators have made this a great and rewarding job. A little knowledge of audio tools like Audacity, Acoustica, or Adobe Audition and patience can make it a great career for you to pursue. 


If you are aware of the ways Lightroom and Photoshop works and have some practical experience working with these tools, photo retouching can bring about great deals. You can make product images look better with your skills and this particular job doesn’t even require you to step out from your home.

9.Website Design 

It is a great way to start a business if you know how to design websites, have an internet connection, and work fast. Training in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw will be an additional advantage. You can start working by designing for small businesses, and gradually, you will get more clients

10.Graphic Design 

It resembles logo design but has a bigger field- digital painting, comics, adverts, animated cartoons, and brochures are also part of this discipline. It will be better if you learn a graphics program; with an internet connection, you can cater to the clients from your home.

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