Now Drive without physical Driving License || One app can save your money || Go anywhere without hardcopy of license

Now Drive without physical Driving License || One app can save your money || Go anywhere without hardcopy of license

Now Drive with physical Driving License  || No need to carry hard copies of License, RC from today
NEW DELHI: You will no longer need to carry the physical copy of your driving licence, registration certificate, permits, PUC and insurance documents of your vehicle, if you have the digital copies in the MParivahan or digilocker app on your smartphone.
The amended Motor Vehicle Rules were recently notified to facilitate digital verification of documents and aim to curb corruption on roads. However, keeping a photograph of the documents in one’s mobile phone won’t be enough as the details need to be downloaded from a server. M-Parivahan app is a better option considering that one can download all documents related to driver and vehicle, said a source.

Last year the government had issued advisory to all state transport and police departments to recognise such validated digital documents, but now since this has been made part of the rule it has got legal backing.
According to the rules notified last week, if the details provided by the driver or vehicle owner are found validated through the electronic means by the police and transport department officials, no physical document would be demanded for inspection even in cases of offence which necessitates seizure of any document.

However, what remains a challenge is whether the enforcement officials across the country have handheld devices or apps on their smartphones to verify the details online. “Now there is a law and people can raise the issue, if the rule is not followed by the enforcement authorities,” said an official.
New rules to shield ‘good Smaritans’
No police officer or any other person shall compel a ‘good Samaritan’ to disclose their personal details, while coming to the rescue of road accident victims, the road transport ministry notified on Tuesday. Shielding the ‘good Samaritans’ further, the amended MV Act specifies that no civil or criminal action will be taken against them for any injury or death resulting from their negligence while rendering emergency medical or non-medical care to accident victims.
The rules also specify that in case, such a person wants to give evidence, an affidavit filled by him/her shall be treated as a complete statement.

While driving, If you forgot your driving license Don't Worry, you need to download an application You can save your all documents on this application 
Firstly, You all download digilocker from playstore Now you have to signup in this app you have to enter your mobile number and continue Enter the OTP received on your mobile phone and verify it After Verification, you have to select an username and a password so, I choose my username here Password must contain a number, a Special Character After getting approved, 

You can Sign in After this, what you have to do is Tap Issued Documents Search here There is only two documents in the search optionDriving License and Registration Certificate of your vehicle If you have driving license then go to this option Enter your license number Enter all details and download your driving license that will approved from transport department If you wanna see your Vehicle RC Then go to issued documents Enter all details and you will get auto approved RC

 If you show this to traffic police then it will surely be Valid If you wanna keep your other documents in this app go to documents and click upload button and you can choose your documents from your gallery you can save docx. in any format

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