10 mistakes to avoid while using Whatsapp. || Secure your Whatsapp || DataLoss

10 mistakes to avoid while using Whatsapp. || Secure your Whatsapp || DataLoss

Top mistakes to avoid while using Whatsapp  || Secure your Whatsapp || DataLoss

WhatsApp is the world’s most famous instant messaging app utilized by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries. Despite its competitors, WhatsApp is far ahead in the number of users and the number of messages it transmits daily. WhatsApp replaced the traditional SMS system years ago. Those of us who do not use WhatsApp is probably rare. WhatsApp has its own advantages and challenges. From sharing status messages to group chats and calls, WhatsApp can do a lot of things. At the same time, some people are unknowingly making some mistakes in WhatsApp. Here are 10 mistakes that can be made but quickly corrected.

Stop giving everyone access to your WhatsApp account

Regularly take some time to check your contact list and delete the phone numbers of people you may no longer be able to contact. You can delete your landlord’s number from five years ago and the Uber / Ola taxi driver who called you once. Remember, today almost everyone has a smartphone and almost everyone uses WhatsApp. Not everyone needs to see your WhatsApp information.

Do not enter too much information in the profile photo

It’s a good idea to keep a simple profile photo. Make sure your profile photo does not reveal too much information about you and your family. Group photos, photos in front of your apartment, or photos revealing your car registration number should be avoided. This is important because your WhatsApp profile photo can be seen by everyone on your contact list.

Feel free to use the ‘Two-Step Verification’ PIN system

Two-step verification will prevent you from falling victim to SIM swap fraud. This feature will not allow others to set up your WhatsApp account on another phone by stealing OTP from you. You can make this security feature useful by going to Settings and turning on the Two-Step Verification button and following the required instructions.

Lock your WhatsApp account with Touch ID / Face ID

Many people are reluctant to lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID. Face ID / Face ID for the iPhone and the fingerprint lock system for Android users are more secure. This locking mechanism will work as soon as WhatsApp closes and ensure more security. This feature can be activated by tapping Account> Privacy> Screen Lock.

Avoid sharing status messages with everyone

Status messages are private and are intended to be shared with your friends and family. At the same time, they do not have to be shared with the person who puts the newspaper, the housekeeper, or the cab driver. Make sure you use privacy settings properly to filter out unwanted people from viewing your status messages.

Stop allowing you to add to any WhatsApp groups

You have the option to control who can add you to group messages. In Privacy Settings – There are three options for everyone (anyone in WhatsApp can add you to a group), My Contacts (only people in your contact list can add you to groups), and My Contacts (this option allows you to choose who you can add). It’s a good idea to click on the ‘My Contacts’ option to not allow anyone you do not know to add you to any group chat.

You can stop saving all WhatsApp media files in your phone’s gallery

This is another crucial setting that you need to pay attention to. Remember that your phone’s internal memory will be used when saving all WhatsApp photos in the gallery. So, if you do not want images like the simple Good Morning appearing in your gallery, you can turn this option off in the Sturring menu.

Do not send forwarded messages that you are not sure of

You will receive a lot of forwarded messages on WhatsApp every day that is meant to disrupt law and order, destroy communal harmony, promote suicide, and promote violence. Do not forward these. The police have the power to dig into your WhatsApp chats. You are responsible for even the messages you forward without knowing it. In short, do not forward something you are not sure of for any reason.

Disable auto backup of chats in Google Drive or iCloud WhatsApp chat backups saved in iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted. Therefore, it is a good idea to export important and protected chats and save them safely elsewhere. Unnecessary backup of all WhatsApp chats can lead to unnecessary use of storage space. And it’s not very useful.

Don’t forget to turn on Device Linking Security Update WhatsApp has added extra protection when you want to link your WhatsApp account to your computer. To link your WhatsApp account to a laptop/desktop via the WhatsApp web, you will be asked to use Face or Fingerprint Unlock on your phone before scanning the QR code from the phone. With this feature, you will receive a pop-up notification whenever a web / desktop login occurs to ensure that your WhatsApp chats are not seen by anyone else.

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